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I decided (mistake) to allow the account to reach.00 prior to requesting another Visa Pre-Paid debit card. THE good: Surveys began arriving almost immediately after joining and the continued frequency of survey invitations has been most satisfactory. If they simplywould have had the decency to publish a date that the Visa card would no longer be available, hence giving one the opportunity to cash out for this reward, you would not be reading these words today. Valued Opinions Lee New.rating May 11, 2010 Valued Opinions is my 7th best survey site and has earned me 241.30 in Amazon gift cards since February 2008. That was early last week and I never received a response. BUT wait, thereâs more: I pretty much resigned myself that this site was not for me even though I continued to receive daily survey invitations (there email system apparently works for that). Recently, they have been sending me surveys that are not specific- example: A link where I have to answer some questions then they find me a survey. Very shady on their part. Anyway, 2 weeks I stopped recieving any survey invitations. So what the heck, I sent off an email stating my displeasure of this latest Valued Opinions deception all the while knowing that this communication would more than likely be returned as undeliverable. Payments that are requested via PayPal and Amazon Gift card claim codes are processed immediately 3, once you have enough points, you can redeem them for cash via PayPal or Amazon e-gift cards almost instantly 4, get started by completing the quick registration process. I searched google for info on it and found this site. I tried and tried again, over a three day period, with absolutely no luck. When you complete a survey, you are told that your account will be credited within 30 days. Valued Opinions amanda.rating January 7, 2011 I have been a member for almost two years. I assume they do this because they dont have the money yet so leave you out for a few days until they know they can afford to send you your reward when ready. Valued Opinions Mary.rating January 30, 2012 I've been with valued opinions for 3 months and have made.00. Incentives are varied in relation to the length of the survey and are usually generous for the time spent to complete. There Customer service department is also good as they've always been very helpful and friendly. It just took me too much time to finally accept the fact that they were, proverbially, taking ME for a joy ride. Valued Opinions Bernard.rating July 28, 2013 Frequent Surveys, Good Rewards, Interesting Surveys I've been with them for years. A online casino norsk kostenlos casino spiele spielen 15 min survey can earn you 75p (1.20 but a 25 min survey can also only earn you 75p. You are this week's 10 review contest winner! It may be a mistake on their part. They get my many hours of labor for free and I lose. Longer and more complicated surveys offer larger ey also provide PTs and smartphone though I don't get much, It's fun and appealing. Valued Opinions Laura.rating March 2, 2010 I had read good things about Valued Opinions and attempted to register for this panel when I first started taking surveys. It seems I do a lot of a survey then they say I don't qualify or they have reached the number of participants and it's closed. Well, I thought, I just might be getting somewhere after allâwrong again as the email continued by saying my account would be credited ONE-dollar for my trouble within 24-hours. A waste of my time. Keeping you up to date with everything you need to know.

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